VSIP Industrial Park, Nghe An
Completion time
Project Overview:
Solar Panel Installation Project at VSIP Nghe An Industrial Park
  • Objective: Energy saving
  • Installation location: Parking lot at the factory
  • Energy using solar panels: JA 450W
  • Conversion inverter: Huawei
One of VREnergy’s greatest strengths is our highly skilled and experienced team. We excel at utilizing the vacant roof space to generate clean energy that serves the production activities of the factory and enhances the “green” image of your esteemed business.
By utilizing the vacant roof space in the parking lot at the factory, we will install 118 JA 450W solar panels (the highest efficiency type of solar panels) to generate an annual electricity output of 99,440 kWp.
VREnergy is confident and honored to provide a comprehensive solution for solar energy, encompassing CONSULTATION, DESIGN, INSTALLATION, and MAINTENANCE. Each phase of the project will be meticulously executed by our specialized team, with specific expertise, detailed planning, and attention to the smallest details.

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Vsip Nghe An


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