Who are we?

About us

“Continuous innovation in pursuit of sustainability”

VREnergy wishes to devote itself to customers, employees, partners and society. Therefore, we make all efforts, be creative in introducing products and services of international standards to the market, contributing to improving the quality of human life and society in the long term sustainably.

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VREnergy aims to become a leading company in the renewable energy industry in Vietnam, being constantly innovative and creative to generate renewable energy solutions and become a long-term partner for local companies, government and community.” with the motto “cleanliness for people, businesses and the country”, contributing to making Vietnam one of the leading countries in clean energy.

VREnergy is constantly researching and innovating in the development of renewable energy works. We are committed to delivering outstanding value for each product and service and best experience for customers, contributing to creating sustainable values for the Vietnamese and international energy markets.


Outstanding execution capacity from a highly specialized team, VREnergy delivers solar power projects upto international standards with equipment from the world’s leading prestigious partners and professional customer service.


Willing for strategic cooperation with world’s leading partners in the energy industry. VREnergy and its partners work together to build quality works standing over time.


Growing fast, safely and with quality in every way, VREnergy is proud to deliver renewable energy works standing over time.

VR Energy milestones

Development milestones

Through years of research and development, with extensive and intensive market insights, VREnergy was established with a team of professional staffs. We are proud to build solar projects that meet international standards and bring long-term economic value to investors, customers and the community.

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VR Energy Team

Organizational chart

Core team of more than 30 employees, of whom more than 70% are highly experienced and well-trained engineers who have been working together with enterprises to implement many projects in the field of renewable energy.

VREnergy always aims to optimize the efficiency of operation and business activities by offering more solar power solutions suitable to the needs and using purposes as well as meet the general trend of Vietnam and the world.

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Achievement of VRENERGY

Certification & Accreditation

After years of continuous efforts, VREnergy has affirmed our capability and position in the energy market, actively contributing to the sustainable development of the energy industry. We have achieved the following:

giay dkdn
Registration Certification
chung chi xay dung
Certificate of Competency in
Construction Activities
giay issq
ISSQ 9001:2015 Certification
Trusted by market-leading customers

Customers & Partners

VREnergy is very proud to build, together with the leading prestigious strategic partners in the field, quality and sustainable works over time.

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