Solar Power
for Household

Solar power system is a breakthrough technology in the field of renewable energy. It utilizes solar panels to convert sunlight into electrical energy. By harnessing and utilizing solar energy, this system helps reduce pollution and conserve energy.

The solar power system is not only suitable for households and small businesses, but also a potential solution to meet the energy needs of communities and minimize reliance on fossil fuel sources.


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We always design dedicated solar power systems for households and businesses seeking a cost-effective SAFE & SUSTAINABLE! solution.

The quality of Products & Technology, this is the core element in the installation of solar power systems from the project’s initiation phase to its smooth and efficient operation and maintenance.

The specialized technical team is the crucial key in optimizing performance, ensuring the efficient and sustainable use of solar power systems at their utmost effectiveness!

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Solar Power System

Installation Packages

Installation packages for solar power systems suitable for households offer flexibility and efficiency.

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Solar Power System

Operating Principle

The solar power system operates based on the principle of converting sunlight into usable electrical energy. This process occurs as follows:


Solar Panels

Solar panels, often made from Silicon, absorb sunlight and generate direct current (DC) through the photovoltaic effect.


Power Inverter

The direct current from the solar panel is fed into a power inverter, where it is converted into alternating current (AC). This enables the current to be used for household electrical devices or fed into the public power grid.


Storage System
(if available)

In some cases, a solar power system can be combined with an energy storage system, such as lithium-ion batteries or conventional battery systems, to store excess energy from the solar system when sunlight is not available or during the night.

Based on the demand for solar energy usage, it can be directly consumed for households or businesses to provide electricity for electrical devices. If the system generates more energy than needed, it can be fed into the national power grid and receive discounts on the electricity bill.


Solar power for households

Benefits of Installing Solar Power

Layer 1

Cost-saving with Electricity Usage

Installing a solar power system significantly reduces the electricity bill. You can save hundreds to millions of Vietnamese Dong per month with the system’s lifespan ranging from 25 to 32 years.

Layer 2

Using Flexible Energy

When owning a solar power system, you have the ability to use energy flexibly. You can generate and utilize electricity right on the spot, helping to meet the energy needs of your family.

Layer 3

Quality of Life

You will not be dependent on electricity price fluctuations. You can take control of your electricity costs and maintain stability in your power supply.

Layer 4

Relieving Load on the National Power Grid

By generating clean and efficient energy from solar sources, this contributes to reducing strain and local risks on the power network, thereby contributing to the stability of the electricity grid system.

Layer 5

Environmental Protection

Utilizing solar power helps reduce carbon emissions and environmental pollution. You contribute to environmental conservation and mitigate the impacts of fossil energy.

Safe Construction – Quick Installation

Installation Process

The solar panel installation process is quite straightforward. The typical solar panels will be installed on the roof of the house to maximize the efficiency of capturing sunlight.

thi cong gia do nhan thuc thuong hieu min

The initial step in the solar energy installation process is designing the framework or support structure for the solar panels. Installing support structures for solar panels is a crucial step that contributes to the operational efficiency of the solar panels. Typically, these support structures are installed at an inclined angle, with angles ranging from 18 degrees to 36 degrees. Additionally, understanding the geographical location of the installation site is also a necessary task to position the solar panels for optimal exposure to sunlight.

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After setting up the support structures, the solar panels will be securely and safely installed. This step requires precision and care, as the technical staff will tighten nuts and bolts to ensure the solar panels are firmly secured and maintain stability throughout their operation.

cai dat he thong day dien nhan dien thuong hieu min

Installing the electrical wiring system is also a crucial step. Typically, MC4 connectors will be used as they are compatible with the majority of solar panels. A small note during the process of installing the electrical wiring system is to ensure power is disconnected during the installation.

solar energy inverter installation

The solar energy inverter will be installed after the electrical wiring system is completed. The solar energy inverter can be placed indoors or outdoors, and it achieves optimal efficiency when located in a cool place. If installed indoors, the inverter is usually placed in the garage; however, if installed outdoors, it’s advisable to position it in areas shielded from the afternoon sunlight.

ket noi bien tan min

Afterward, the solar energy panel will be connected to the solar energy inverter. The solar energy panel helps reserve backup power, enabling your family or business to make the most of the solar electricity capacity.

The connection between solar energy inverters and the power grid is established by plugging a plug into the main power switchboard. The remaining end of the cable is attached to the electrical panel that supplies power to your home or business infrastructure. Additionally, you can connect the inverter to certain devices to monitor the amount of electricity generated by the solar power system, such as an electricity meter or a computer for tracking power sources within specific time intervals.

The final step is to initiate the solar power system and review the overall operations of the system. Key parameters are usually displayed on the control panel or technical screen of the energy inverter.

Solar Power Solution

Solar Power Model

Our mission is to accompany our customers with specific solutions and detailed plans to meet the expectations of households in building solar energy systems.

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A grid-tied solar power system includes solar panels installed on the roof to absorb sunlight and generate clean electricity directly connected to the electrical grid, providing power to the household’s electrical devices.



An off-grid or standalone solar energy system is independent from the electrical grid. To use a fully independent solar system, a sufficiently large system is required to meet the energy consumption needs of your home, along with batteries to store energy.



A hybrid solar energy system combines the solutions of both grid-tied and off-grid systems. With integrated superior features, this system operates fully automatically and incorporates multiple protection mechanisms to ensure safety and notably extend battery lifespan.

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