Is it good to rent a roof for installing solar power? Where should I rent?


Electric roof panel rental i is currently the most optimal solution to help save electricity and protect the environment. Businesses do not have to lose capital and can have a stable source of energy to use. VRsolar is definitely the perfect choice for a business you should not miss. Please contact us for advice and support.

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Profits earned from renting solar PV roofs

The trend of installing solar PV is not only encouraged in countries around the world but also in Vietnam. By being able to save costs, take advantage of the resources available in nature and are completely environmentally friendly.

These are the direct environmental impacts, so businesses rent out What are the attractive benefits of solar rooftop ? Some of the benefits are mentioned as follows:

Enjoy a commission percentage from VRsolar

All costs of transportation, installation, repair, and maintenance are the responsibility of VRsolar and Pay, your business does not need to lose any money. Just agree to the VRsolar staff to install an electrical system on the roof. We are committed to not disrupt or disrupt the business of the business.

In addition, according to VRsolar’s policy, when your business allows installation, we will send back you 8-10% of our turnover. Thus, you take advantage of the idle roof, rent it and get a good deal in return. This is an advantage that many people appreciate and attract more and more installers.

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Re-inherit the solar power installation system

Depending on your attic lease period is 20 years or permanently, we will have special support policies. If the signed period is 20 years, VRsolar will support the franchise to reuse the business at half the cost of installation. You will have full ownership of this energy source for a great price.

Enjoy a cheap and stable energy source

You can certainly find nowhere as good alternative energy sources as solar energy. If you agree to lease solar PV power installation and use that energy source, you will be entitled to a much lower payment rate than using EVN electricity. On average, your business can save hundreds of millions of dong on EVN electricity bill payments each year


Why should we choose VRsolar for roof rental with solar PV?

VRsolar commits the following criteria if the customer wants to register roof rental solar PV installation:

Clearly transparent rental policy

All the terms of the rental process, the rental period, the rate we will mention is clearly visible in the signed contract so that your business can be easily monitored and considered. VRsolar is committed to the level of profit that we recommend is definitely a “great offer” you should consider and choose.

Commitment to the absolute roof rental does not affect business operations

Many businesses are still concerned that such installation will affect their business? You can rest assured when choosing VRsolar. With the most advanced technology integrated in the sun plate, there is absolutely no leakage or seepage into the ceiling. In addition, we also constantly toldMaintain and clean your panels to keep your panels fresh, without damaging your business.

Your business is more appreciated for friendliness and reputation

Everyone knows that solar energy is a form of energy saving and absolutely safe for the environment. If your company leases a roof with solar PV installation, you will both save on electricity bills but at the same time contribute to reducing environmental pollution.

People will appreciate the corporate reputation and social responsibility higher. Your customers will trust and support your products.

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Contact information

VRsolar is proud to be the pioneer brand in the renewable energy industry in Vietnam to bring high quality, eco-friendly alternative energy solutions. school. If you are looking forward to rental of solar PV roofs you can contact us at the website: </ span> or hotline: 0923 7979 86 for advice and support.

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Above is the latest information on renting solar roofs. VRsolar hopes you will become a partner with us on the way to make solar energy become the main energy source in Vietnam.