5 Dai lo Tu Do, Vietnam - Singapore Industrial Park, Binh Hoa Ward, Thuan An City, Binh Duong Province
Completion time
485.595 kWp

Project overview:

Yakult Solar Power EPC General Contractor Project

  • Aim: save energy
  • Installation location: factory roof
  • Power battery used: Panasonic
  • Conversion inverter: Huawei

One of the things VREnergy is most excited about is our highly professional and skilled team. We know how to flexibly use empty roof space to produce clean energy electricity to serve factory production and upgrade. Enhance the “green” image of your business.

Take advantage of the empty roof at the factory to install 891 Panasonic 545W energy panels .

VREnergy is very confident and honored to provide solar power solutions with a FULL PACKAGE OF CONSULTATION – DESIGN – CONSTRUCTION – MAINTENANCE. Each project construction phase is specifically planned and implemented by a team of professionals, down to the smallest detail.

Yakult Project 1

Yakult Project 2

Yakult Project 3

Yakult Project 4

Yakult Project 6

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