Compilation of Important Solar Power Policies You Need to Know in 2023

Tổng hợp chính sách điện mặt trời quan trọng mà bạn cần nắm rõ năm 2023

Solar power is becoming an increasingly popular renewable energy source globally. The government has introduced many solar power policies to support, encourage and promote the development of this clean energy source.

In this article, we will learn about important solar power policies that you need to understand in 2023!

Rooftop solar power policy 2022

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Rooftop solar power refers to the installation of solar power systems on rooftops or small areas on buildings or individual homes.

In 2022, the rooftop solar power policy has had many important changes, including increasing support levels and reducing initial investment costs.

This policy has attracted many home and business owners to pay attention and use solar power to save energy and reduce costs.

Tax policy for rooftop solar power

To encourage the use of solar power, many countries have applied preferential tax policies for rooftop solar power systems.

In 2023, tax policy on rooftop solar power will continue to be promoted to reduce the tax burden and create favorable conditions for households and businesses to invest in solar power systems.

Some special tax policies may include VAT exemption for solar power equipment, reduced import tax for solar power components and favorable personal income tax for users of solar power systems. roof.

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EVN’s solar power purchasing policy

One of the important policies in the field of solar power is the solar power purchasing policy. This policy ensures that solar power system users can sell excess electricity produced from their systems into the grid and be paid at a reasonable price.

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In 2023, it is expected that there will be improvements and expansion of solar power purchasing policies, while increasing financial support for households and businesses that want to participate in the production and supply of solar power.

EVN’s solar power purchasing policy is designed to encourage investors and owners of rooftop solar power systems to sell excess electricity into the national grid.

EVN is committed to ensuring the rights and interests of solar power system users, providing necessary information and ensuring the solar power trading process is carried out smoothly and transparently.

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Policy to encourage the installation of “self-produced, self-consumed” solar power

In addition to the policies mentioned, another important policy that you need to understand in 2023 is the policy to encourage the installation of “self-produced, self-consumed” solar power. This is a method of using solar energy in which users produce and consume electricity at their own home or business.

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The “self-produce, self-consume” policy is receiving attention and favor from the government and related organizations because it has many significant benefits. First of all, installing a “self-produced, self-consumed” solar power system helps users minimize or even completely eliminate dependence on traditional grid power sources. This not only reduces monthly electricity costs but also helps protect power sources and reduce system overload.

In addition, the use of “self-produced, self-consumed” solar power contributes to environmental protection and reduces greenhouse gas emissions. By using renewable energy, users help reduce carbon emissions and influence climate change. This creates an emphasis on social responsibility and contributes to the sustainable development of the country.

Conclusion: Benefits from solar power policies

Above is a summary of important solar power policies that you need to understand in 2023. Understanding and applying these policies will bring economic and environmental benefits, while contributing to building a sustainable future. build a sustainable future and use renewable energy in Vietnam.

For individuals and households

For individuals and households, rooftop solar power policies and preferential tax policies help create favorable conditions for investing in solar power systems. Installing this system not only helps reduce monthly electricity costs, but also helps create additional income through the sale of excess electricity produced.

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For businesses, the solar power purchasing policy provides a new business opportunity. They can install solar power systems on rooftops or unused areas at their facilities and sell solar power to EVN or use it to serve the business’s own energy needs.

Taken together, understanding important solar power policies in 2023 is very important so that individuals, households and businesses can take advantage of incentives and support from the government. This not only brings economic benefits but also contributes to protecting the environment and building a more sustainable future for us and future generations.