Considerations When Installing a 5kWp Household Solar Power System

Những lưu ý khi lắp đặt điện mặt trời gia đình 5kWp

5kWp home solar power is one of the commonly used solar power systems. With sufficient capacity, this system fully meets the needs of a large family and small business. However, how to optimize the efficiency of 5kWp solar power installation? The answer will be right in the article below. 

Structure of 5kWp solar power system 

Before learning about notes when installing 5kWp home solar power , VREnergy will reveal to you the structure of this system. Understanding the system’s structure will help equip you with basic knowledge to understand future notes. 

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The 5kWp grid-connected solar power system cannot lack components such as: Solar panels, inverters, frames and racks, and other installation equipment.

Solar battery

Solar batteries are like the right arm of a 5kWp solar power system. These panels will help absorb sunlight to convert it into electricity. Therefore, users should choose panels from famous brands such as CANADIAN and QCELLS to get the best power output.


ImageProduct information

Quantity (plates)


Things to keep in mind when installing a 5kwp household electric generator per minute
  • Product name: CANADIAN Mono Halfcell battery
  • Capacity: 440W
  • Crystal type: MONO
  • Number of cells: 144 [2 X (12 X 6)]
  • Dimensions: 2115x1052x35mm
  • Technology: Multi Busbars/PERC/Half cut
  • Technical warranty: 12 years
  • Battery life: 30 – 50 years
2Things to keep in mind when installing a 5kwp electric generator 2
  • Product name: QCELLS Mono Halfcell battery
  • Power: 400W
  • Crystal type: MONO
  • Number of cells: 144 [2 X (12 X 6)]
  • Dimensions: 2015×1000×35mm
  • Technology: Multi Busbars/PERC/Half cut
  • Technical warranty: 12 years
  • Battery life: 30 – 50 years


Solar power inverter

If solar panels are considered the right arm, then the inverter is considered the left arm of a 5kW home solar power system. Therefore, households should also choose 5kW inverters from reputable brands such as Growatt or SMA for this electrical system.


ImageProduct information

Quantity (piece)


  • Product name: INVERTER GROWATT
  • DC input max capacity: 3500WP to 13200WP
  • AC peak power: From 2300W to 11000W
  • Conversion efficiency: Up to 98.3%
  • Integration: Ethernet/Wifi/App
  • Warranty: 5 years


  • Product name: INVERTER SMA
  • DC input max capacity: From 5500WP to 45000WP
  • AC peak power: From 3000W to 25000W
  • Conversion efficiency: Up to 98.3%
  • Integration: Ethernet/Wifi/App
  • Warranty: 5 years

Frame structure, rack

With a 5kWp solar power system, users should choose frames and racks made of thick galvanized steel or specialized aluminum that can withstand loads up to 5400P and withstand highly oxidizing environments.

STTImageProduct information

Area (m2)


  • Type: Attic
  • Includes: Battery support purlins, rails, battery clamps (bolts, screws…), auxiliary materials

24 – 27

Other installation equipment

When installing a 5kWp home solar power system , you also need additional equipment such as:

  • CB, electrical cabinet
  • AC & DC switchgear
  • Solar AC & DC power cables
  • PE cable
  • Solar cable protection tube (HDPE)
  • MC4 connector jack
  • Chicken intestine tube
  • Electrical panel
  • Additional pipes
  • Supplies and accessories
  • Other devices

What should you keep in mind when installing 5kWp home solar power?

In fact, you can completely calculate solar power output based on the number of hours of sunshine, number of kWp, consumption of household appliances or inverter… According to research and solar radiation maps In Vietnam, in the Central and Southern provinces, solar radiation is about 5kW/h/m2/day. As for the Northern provinces, the amount of solar radiation is about 4kW/h/m2/day. 

  • Therefore, before installing a solar power system for your home, you should calculate in advance the amount of radiation in the area you live in or contact the construction unit for specific advice. 
  • Besides, to get high efficiency from 5kW home solar power , you also need to pay attention to the following factors: 
  • Install solar panels in the highest, open position, not obscured by obstacles such as houses or trees. Thus, the amount of solar radiation received will be optimized and less affected by external influences. 
  • Solar panels need to be installed in the right direction, calculating the correct and optimal tilt angle while also receiving the best solar radiation. 
  • Choose quality solar battery and inverter products from reputable brands and have clear warranty policies to ensure the capacity and longevity of the system. 
  • Regularly checking, maintaining and cleaning solar panels properly helps ensure the best operation  of the 5kW home solar power system.
  • Choose a reputable, experienced construction unit for good project quality and on schedule.

The problem of investing in 5kW solar power

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In recent years, solar panels have dropped in price and the cost of installing solar power has come down a lot. Therefore, households should install solar power systems at this time. Not only that, the 5kWp solar power system also brings effective investment value to households.

  • A 5kW solar power system will produce 432 – 792 kWh of electricity per month.
  • Calculated according to current household electricity prices, the amount of electricity each month a household saves is as follows: If the electricity output is 432kWh, the family saves (50 x 1,678) + (50 x 1,734) + (100 x 2,014) + (100 x 2,834) + (32 x 2,927) = 749,064 VND. If the electricity output is 792kWh, the family saves 749,064 + (360 x 2,927) = 1,802,784 VND.
  • One year, the family will save 8,988,768 – 21,633,408 VND.
  • With an investment of 90,000,000 – 120,000,000 VND, after 5 – 11 years the family can repay the capital.
  • During the first 5 years, users do not have to pay any maintenance costs because the panels have a 12-year warranty and the inverter has a 5-year warranty.

VREnergy specializes in installing reputable 5kW home solar power 

VREnergy is a unit specializing in providing solutions for installing solar power systems, including 5kWp home solar power . We provide a full range of services from EPC general contractor for solar power projects to household solar power systems . 

Recognition of minimally effective recognition

At VREnergy, you will receive dedicated support and thoughtful advice. With more than 120 projects implemented, we are confident in our capacity with a professional technical team combined with advanced technological equipment. Coming to us, you will choose the optimal and most effective construction plan with the most economical cost for your family. 

With just 4 quick – compact – convenient steps, a quality solar power system has been completed and handed over to you by VRenergy: 

  • Step 1 : Sales staff will receive customer requests and advise on batteries, capacity, battery installation direction, and installation plan. Next, the technical staff will provide in-depth advice and conduct a site survey and then coordinate the installation design plan. 
  • Step : VREnergy will agree on the 3D design and finalize the installation plan with the customer
  • Step 3 : VREnergy technicians deliver materials for installation. The system is completed in 2-3 days.
  • Step 4 : Warranty – maintain the solar power system when problems occur.

In addition, after-sales service, warranty, and maintenance are also among the factors highly appreciated by customers at VRenergy. 

Above are the things to note when installing 5kWp home solar power that we bring to you. If you still have questions that need answering or are looking for a home solar power system construction unit, please contact VREnergy immediately at Hotline: 092 3797 986