Do you need a permit for solar panel installation?

Lắp điện mặt trời có cần xin phép hay không?

In the context of the growth of the renewable energy industry and to encourage the use of green energy sources, the installation of solar power systems is becoming increasingly popular. However, one of the frequently asked questions is whether installing solar power requires a permit or not?

This article will help you better understand the permit application process, benefits and necessary circumstances when installing a solar power system.

Does installing solar power require a permit?

Installing solar power is not simply an investment in clean and economical energy , but also involves compliance with legal regulations and ensuring safety during operation. Having the conditions to operate a solar power system in accordance with the law is extremely important.

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According to the provisions of Circular 16, “This Circular applies to organizations and individuals participating in developing solar power projects in Vietnam and other related organizations and individuals.” This means that participating in the development of solar power systems is completely feasible. In particular, investors are encouraged to invest in building solar power systems.

Benefits and Support Policies when applying for permission to install solar power

Incentives on investment capital and taxes

According to Decision No. 11/2017 of the Prime Minister, organizations and individuals participating in the development of solar power projects can legally mobilize capital from domestic and foreign organizations and individuals to invest in implementing solar power projects. solar power projects according to the provisions of law. This helps investors easily mobilize capital from different funding sources such as banks to invest in developing solar power systems.

In addition, solar power projects are also exempt from import taxes on goods that create fixed assets.

Preferential electricity prices

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Grid-connected solar power projects enjoy preferential electricity prices. EVN commits to purchase all electricity output from these projects at the purchase price specified in current legal documents, and this price is calculated according to current foreign exchange rates. This helps reduce investment payback time and creates more favorable conditions for investing in installing solar power systems.

Procedure for applying for permission to install solar power

Register for electrical connection

For solar power projects with a capacity of less than 01 MW, investors need to register for electricity connection with the Provincial/City Electricity Company. During this process, important information that should be provided includes:

  • Expected capacity of the system.
  • Technical specifications of solar panels.
  • AC power conversion parameters.

Remember that Vietnam Electricity Corporation (EVN) often supports free installation of 2-way meters . This allows you to monitor the amount of electricity produced from the solar power system and can sell excess electricity back to EVN.

Construction safety conditions

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If you are considering installing a solar power system for an individual building or house, you need to ensure that you have a repair and renovation license and comply with construction safety standards. Solar power systems not only bring benefits in terms of energy costs but also ensure safety for the project and the surrounding environment.

Place to license solar power installation

Applying for permission to install a solar power system is an important step to ensure the legality and safety of the project. Below is the process and where you need to apply for a license to install a solar power system:

Vietnam Electricity Corporation and its member units

The investor can agree and sign a power purchase contract with Vietnam Electricity Group (EVN) or authorized member units. This ensures that the production and consumption of electricity from the solar power system takes place according to regulations and prescribed electricity prices.

Ministry of Industry and Trade

After reaching agreement with EVN, the investor needs to send a signed copy of the Power Purchase Agreement to the Ministry of Industry and Trade. The time to submit this contract is no later than 30 days from the date of signing for grid connection projects. This step helps ensure electricity production and consumption are accurately monitored and managed.

Steps to install a solar power system

Applying for a license to install a solar power system is an important part of ensuring the legality and safety of the project. Below is the specific process to apply for a license to install a solar power system:

Register to connect with EVN Province/City

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  • For solar power systems with a capacity of less than 1MW, investors need to register to connect with EVN in the province/city.
  • For solar power systems with a capacity greater than or equal to 1MW, the investor, in addition to registering with EVN, also needs to supplement the solar power development planning and electricity development planning.

Additional related documents

To apply for a license, the investor needs to provide full business registration license, construction license and certificate of fire prevention and fighting eligibility (if any).

Check & Evaluate safety conditions

Investors need to ensure that the solar power system meets the prescribed safety conditions. This ensures the installation does not affect the landscape and surrounding environment.

Register the electricity system with EVN

For grid-connected solar power systems , investors need to register with EVN to be inspected, approved and provided with two-way meters .

Cases requiring permission to install solar power

Project capacity greater than 01MW

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According to current regulations, solar power projects with a capacity greater than or equal to 01 MW need to apply for investment permission according to the legal process on project investment. This includes approval of land use planning, and full compliance with regulations on construction safety, environmental protection and other technical conditions.

Project capacity less than 01MW

Even though the project has a capacity of less than 01MW, compliance with regulations on construction safety, environmental protection and other technical regulations is still an important step.

This helps ensure that installing a solar power system not only meets energy needs but also contributes to environmental protection and safety for everyone.

VREnergy – Professional, full-service solar power project installation & construction unit

With the goal of sustainability and efficiency in using renewable energy sources, VREnergy is proud to be a leading unit in the field of installation and construction of complete solar power projects. With a professional operating model and high standards, we are committed to providing customers with optimal solutions and perfect services from the initial stage to operation and maintenance.

Consulting & Implementing professional solar power projects

With extensive experience in the renewable energy industry, VREnergy is not only an equipment supplier but also a reliable partner in consulting and implementing solar power projects.

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We clearly understand that each project is a complex system, from surveying the solar power system installation location , calculating appropriate capacity to detailed technical design. VREnergy is committed to accompanying customers, providing practical solutions, ensuring efficiency and savings.

Genuine, quality products & equipment

The quality of a solar power project depends not only on the design but also greatly on the products and equipment used. VREnergy is committed to providing customers with genuine products and equipment of the best quality. Through the use of the best products, the project achieves high and sustainable performance in the long term.

Team of experienced experts

The team is a valuable asset of VREnergy. We are proud to have a team of experienced experts in the field of solar power. From planning, design, to construction and operation, our team always ensures every step is carried out to the highest standards and standards. VREnergy has accumulated a lot of valuable experience through implementing many projects across the country.

Professional after-sales service

Customer satisfaction is VREnergy’s top priority. To ensure that the solar power project operates stably and effectively in the long term, we provide professional after-sales service. We are committed to conducting periodic warranty and maintenance, helping to ensure the system always operates at its best.

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With VREnergy, you are not only choosing a solar power equipment supplier but also connecting with a trusted partner, providing the most comprehensive solutions and services. Let us accompany you on your sustainable energy transition journey.