Home Solar Installation: Essential Knowledge and Experiences

Lắp điện mặt trời gia đình: Những kinh nghiệm cần biết

Living and doing business cause your family to pay millions of dong in electricity bills every month. Do you want to minimize costs but still use electricity normally? Do you want to experience the benefits of rooftop solar power? Let VREnergy introduce to you the experiences you need to know when installing solar power at home 

In general, paying high electricity bills is a worry for every family today. Installing home solar power is the key to solving this problem.

Rooftop solar power is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits it brings. Solar power for families not only helps you save costs, brings a lot of value to your home, but also protects a healthy living environment when using clean energy sources. 

To make you more confident in your choice to install solar power at home , VRenergy will answer some common questions about the product.

Why should you use solar power for your family?

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Solar power is considered the cleanest and most economical energy source today, worthy of becoming the main energy source for every family. The benefits of installing solar power at home can include:

  • Maintain stable production, business and household activities, limit dependence on the national electricity network.
  • Save money on monthly electricity bills, avoid high electricity prices and peak hours.
  • Generate independent power sources, reduce power consumption from the national grid, reduce pressure on the national grid system, and stabilize power sources.
  • Use clean energy sources and protect the environment, especially in the context of hydroelectric and thermal energy sources gradually running out.

Which solar power package should households install?

Choosing a solar power package is the first issue households face when deciding to use this energy source. In fact, to make a decision that best suits your needs, you need to pay attention to the electricity bills of the last 2-3 months. From there, you will estimate the number of kWh of electricity consumed and the amount of electricity you have to pay monthly. 

You can refer to the calculation of capacity according to the household’s monthly electricity bill below: 

500 thousand ~ 1.5 million/month2-3 kWp42 million – 45 million

1.5 million ~ 2.5 million/month 

5 kWp~70 million
3 million ~ 5 million/month10 kWp

~ 140 million

> 5 million/month13 kWp

~ 180 million

What type of home solar power should I install? 

There are 3 types of solar power systems including: grid-connected solar power, independent solar power. Solar power with storage (Hybrid). So what type of solar power system should households choose to maximize benefits? To answer this question, we first need to learn about each of these types of systems. 

Grid-connected solar power system for families 

Grid-connected solar power systems are of interest to many families. Because family solar power will prioritize installation in the form of grid connection to serve the needs of the family and have the opportunity to do electricity business after the state introduces a policy to unify solar power prices. 

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The operating principle of this system is that the energy source of electromagnetic radiation originating from the Sun is absorbed through energy panels and converted into electricity. This power source is directly connected to the national grid system. 

Independent solar power system 

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In contrast to grid-connected solar power systems, independent solar power systems are not connected to the same power grid. The system draws DC power directly from the panels to charge the reserve battery system through the charge controller. Then, the direct current from the battery will be converted into alternating current by the Inverter and supplied to electrical devices. 

Solar power system with storage 

This system is also known as a hybrid solar power system. This is a solution that uses batteries to continuously maintain 24/7 power for important devices that are prioritized for use. Accordingly, even when there is a power outage, your family can still use equipment such as elevators, cameras, wifi…

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Depending on your economic conditions as well as your family’s needs, you can consider installing home solar power according to one of the three systems above. 

How many solar panels are needed for a home system?

For home solar power installation , how many solar panels are needed to provide enough electricity? This depends on each family’s electricity needs. If your family needs a solar power system that provides 10 kWh per month, 25 solar panels with capacity (400W) are needed.

Cost of installing solar power for families

The cost of installing a home solar power system depends on many factors: electricity demand, installation area, installation capacity,…

Solar power for families with installed capacity from (3)-5kWp, each kWp requires an area of ​​about 6-7m2 and produces 4-6kWh per day (depending on battery quality and sunny conditions). Investment costs can range from 20-25 million VND/1kWp for good products, and from 25-30 million VND for high-end products with superior standards and quality, and longer warranty period. Specifically:

  • Capacity scale under 1MWp for homes, factories, small offices: The cost per kWp for the general population is from 16 – 18 million VND, for the higher segment from 18 – 20 million VND.
  • Capacity scale over 1MWp for larger projects: Cost per kWp for common is from 14-16 million VND, for higher segment from 16-18 million VND.

In addition, the cost of installing home solar power also depends on the installation location, materials, accessories, etc.

  • Main materials: The price of main materials accounts for (60-80%) of the contract value. This price also depends on the manufacturer, high-end or low-cost product segment, technical specifications, warranty period, etc.
  • Auxiliary materials: The price of ancillary materials accounts for 10-20% of the contract value, but this part is also very important. CB devices, fuses, specialized wires for solar power, specialized zinc and aluminum frames, etc. need to have a durability of over 30 years in outdoor conditions.
  • Construction roof conditions: For families using corrugated iron roofs, the cost is the least expensive, followed by flat roofs and tiled roofs. For complex or high-altitude projects, construction costs are slightly higher, accounting for about 5-10% of the contract value.
  • Construction quality standards, warranty and maintenance: This cost depends on each construction unit, experience and quality standards. Large suppliers often have a team to monitor the system and recommend periodic maintenance for the systems to increase the efficiency of the project. This cost is not large, only 5-10% of the order value. Therefore, you should choose units with good capacity, many years of experience and a large team to be assured of construction quality.

If you are looking for a reputable and quality home solar power installation unit , please contact VREnergy immediately. VREnergy is a unit that consults, designs and constructs solar power systems specifically for households and businesses. With a team of highly technical expertise and experience through many projects, VREnergy is committed to optimizing performance, ensuring safety and sustainability for household solar power systems from the initial stage to operation. 

Through more than 120 large and small projects, VRenergy understands the needs of customers and thereby builds flexible and highly effective home solar power installation packages. After receiving information and signing the working contract, VRenergy’s staff will immediately be present and implement a professional working process in 4 steps: 

  • Step 1: Survey
  • Step 2: Design
  • Step 3: Installation – operation
  • Step 4: Maintenance – Maintenance 

Installing solar power at home is an option that brings many practical benefits. Please contact VRenergy at hotline 092 3797 986 if you still have questions about rooftop solar power for households!