Is There a Cost for Maintaining a Solar Power System

Is There a Cost for Maintaining a Solar Power System

The demand for using solar energy is increasing as electricity prices rise, and there is a growing awareness of carbon emission issues. Besides the installation cost, the maintenance cost of solar power systems is also a major concern!

For solar power system owners, it offers many advantages. This system generates a continuous source of clean and renewable energy, helping to reduce energy bills and maintenance costs.

However, like any other equipment, solar power systems will undergo wear and tear over time. When the system reaches the maintenance phase, considering the cost and deciding whether to invest in a new system is important.

This article will focus on assessing the typical maintenance costs for solar power systems, providing useful information for those interested. Join VREnergy to learn more about this topic!

Why is it necessary to maintain solar power systems?

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As mentioned at the beginning of the article, when operating, solar power systems will experience wear and tear if not properly cared for and maintained. This ensures the EFFICIENCY and LIFESPAN of the system, while keeping it safe and stable. Specifically:

Improving performance and extending system life

Maintenance helps optimize productivity and prevent productivity loss by inspecting and adjusting system components. This includes removing obstructions, dirt, or replacing solar electrical components to prevent them from affecting the system’s conversion efficiency.

Ensuring safety and stability

Maintenance activities help control the risk of fire and ensure electrical safety during operation. It also helps cope with harsh climate conditions or environmental impacts, such as dust, water, and other natural elements, ensuring stable operation in all conditions.

Ultimately, maintaining and servicing solar power systems is not only a preventive measure but also an important lever to optimize performance and ensure long-term system stability, bringing economic and environmental benefits to users.

What are the maintenance costs for solar power systems?

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Fortunately, the costs associated with maintaining a solar power system only account for about 1 – 2% compared to the total investment cost of rooftop solar power.

Choosing a professional solar power installation unit, we have attractive warranty and after-sales policies, optimizing costs for owners.

Other factors to consider regarding your system’s lifespan include:

  • Regular maintenance
  • Repair or upgrade

Regular cleaning and maintenance

When PROPERLY INSTALLED, solar panels are designed to operate for about 20 to 30 years with minimal maintenance. Although you don’t have to worry too much about regular maintenance, careful observation of the physical condition of the system is very important.

This includes monitoring energy production levels and ensuring that the panels are kept clean. If necessary, basic maintenance services such as cleaning the panels can be easily performed by professional units at a reasonable cost.

Repair or upgrade

In some cases, you may face the cost of repairing or replacing damaged components, such as solar panels. Common causes include damage due to harsh weather, lightning, or other factors like falling trees. The product warranty usually lasts from 10 to 25 years, but labor and transportation costs may not be included.

Importantly, a damaged panel does not necessarily mean the entire system needs a major overhaul.

You can refer to the O&M maintenance and operation service of VREnergy as soon as possible to consult about costs and replacement processes.

Procedure for reporting maintenance costs for rooftop solar power systems

The process for reporting maintenance and service costs for rooftop solar power systems includes the following steps:

Step 1: Gather information and provide preliminary consultation for customers

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This is the first step in the maintenance and service reporting process for rooftop solar power systems. In this step, the service provider will gather information about the customer’s solar power system, including:

  • Type of solar power system: Grid-tied, standalone, etc.
  • System capacity: How many kWp?
  • Installation year: How many years has the system been installed?
  • Installation location: Where is the system installed?
  • Environmental conditions: What is the environment like where the system is installed?

Based on this information, the O&M service provider will conduct preliminary consultation for the customer on maintenance and service items, frequency, etc.

Step 2: Survey and evaluate the actual system

After the preliminary consultation for the customer, the service provider will conduct a survey and evaluate the actual solar power system. In this step, the service provider will directly inspect the solar power system, including:

  • The operating condition of the solar panels: Are the panel surfaces dirty, covered with leaves, etc.? Are the panels damaged, cracked?
  • The operating condition of the inverter: Does the operating temperature of the inverter exceed the allowed limit? Are the operating parameters of the inverter within the allowed limits?
  • The operating condition of other electrical equipment in the system: Power storage unit, electrical cabinet, wiring, etc.

Based on the survey and evaluation results, the service provider will determine the specific maintenance and service items, frequency, etc.

Step 3: Develop a maintenance and service plan

Based on the survey and evaluation results, the service provider will develop a maintenance and service plan for the system. The maintenance and service plan will include the following contents:

  • Maintenance and service items
  • Maintenance and service frequency
  • O&M maintenance and service costs

Step 4: Provide a quote for O&M maintenance and service

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Based on the maintenance and service plan, the service provider will provide a quote for O&M maintenance and service to the customer. The O&M maintenance and service quote will include the following contents:

  • O&M maintenance and service costs
  • Maintenance and service time
  • Payment method


The above process for reporting maintenance and service costs for rooftop solar power systems is for reference only. Depending on the service provider, the reporting process may differ.

Customers should choose a reputable, experienced solar power system maintenance and service provider to ensure service quality.

How to minimize O&M maintenance and service costs optimally?

There are several ways to minimize the maintenance costs of solar power systems, including:

  • Choose HIGH-QUALITY solar power systems from REPUTABLE manufacturers

High-quality solar power systems from reputable manufacturers usually have high durability, less damage, hence, lower maintenance and service costs.

  • Install solar power systems PROPERLY

Properly installing solar power systems will help them operate stably and efficiently, reducing the risk of damage, thereby lowering maintenance and service costs.

  • Perform REGULAR maintenance and service

Regular maintenance and service help timely detect and fix minor damages, avoiding large, costly repairs.

  • Use maintenance and service from reputable units

Reputable maintenance and service providers will have professional, experienced technical teams, ensuring service quality and reasonable costs.

Or to minimize O&M maintenance and service costs optimally, we can perform maintenance and service tasks ourselves

  • Regularly clean solar panels

Dirt, leaves, etc. on the surface of the panels will reduce the system’s power generation efficiency. Therefore, it’s necessary to clean the panels regularly, at least 1-2 times/month.

  • Regularly check the system

Regularly check the solar power system, at least once a month. Check the operating parameters of the system, ensuring the system operates normally.

  • Use protective equipment

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Using protective devices such as switches, fuses, etc., will help protect the system from electrical incidents, reducing repair costs.

And finally, you can get quotes from multiple service providers.

Before choosing a maintenance and service provider, consider getting quotes from multiple units to choose the one with the most reasonable price.

By implementing these measures, you can minimize O&M costs while ensuring maximum performance and lifespan for your solar power system.


This concludes all the costs that your business will need to consider and prepare for deploying a solar power system, depending on the decision to self-deploy or choose care services from professional units.

VREnergy believes that the information I have shared will help you have a comprehensive view of the costs related to maintaining and servicing solar power systems, from which you can plan your investment wisely.

VREnergy provides a variety of services for deploying EPC solar power and O&M maintenance of rooftop solar power systems at competitive costs. On our website, you can find detailed information and learn more about the service packages suitable for your business. We wish you success in your solar power system deployment project!