Solar Power Purchase Agreement: Essential Conditions to Ensure

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Solar power brings high economic value to users. With large electricity output, households can sign a solar power purchase contract with Vietnam Electricity Corporation EVN to reduce capital recovery time. In the article below, we will guide you through the most complete and detailed procedures for buying and selling solar power according to current new regulations.

What conditions must be met to sell rooftop solar power?

If you want to sign a solar power purchase contract with EVN, your solar power project needs to ensure the following conditions: 

The quality of the solar power system must be guaranteed

In fact, selling solar power to EVN needs to go through many strict inspection stages. To ensure the stability and safety of the power grid, EVN will send engineers and specialists to inspect and evaluate the quality of the solar power system. 

Before, your project must possess all legal documents and be permitted to build by the state. After that, experts will check technical documents, parameters of solar panels, inverter sets, manufacturer’s certificates/certifications, quality inspection certificates of equipment, and test equipment. Testing records, technical specifications… to ensure your solar power system meets current regulations. 

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Next, the power company’s engineer will send someone to check the actual operating results of the system. Only when your solar power system meets standards can the project owner sign a solar power purchase contract with EVN. 

Therefore, if you plan to resell solar power to the power company, you should choose a reputable solar power solution provider to ensure project quality.

Appropriate system capacity

Each region will have regulations on suitable solar power system capacity to connect to the grid. Based on the total installed capacity, your solar power system will be connected to the medium and low voltage grid to ensure the capacity of the line infrastructure is not exceeded. Accordingly, you should research and discuss with the Electricity Company in charge of the area to get advice on appropriate capacity. 

Some system capacities you can refer to are: 

  • Solar power capacity under 3kWp : Connect to the low voltage grid with 1 to 3 phases depending on need. 
  • Capacity equal to or greater than 3kWp : Connect to the low voltage grid with 3 phases. 
  • Capacity from 100 kWp 1 MWP or more

In cases where the capacity is too large to exceed the capacity of the electrical system in the area, the power company will issue an official dispatch informing about the overload of lines and low voltage distribution transformers. Accordingly, agreements to reduce system capacity or upgrade lines and connect step-up transformers will be considered to be connected to the nearest medium-voltage grid. 

Instructions for registering to sell solar power to EVN 

Selling solar power to EVN is not as complicated as you think, but you need to follow the prescribed procedures. To sign a solar power purchase contract with EVN, you need to learn and follow the order below.

Where to register to buy and sell solar power?

Currently, Vietnam Electricity Corporation is the only unit licensed by the state to buy and sell electricity. EVN has authorized power companies to sign solar power purchase and sale contracts in the areas managed by the unit. Accordingly, you only need to contact and sign a sales contract with the local power company where you live when you need to sell solar power. 

Procedures for registering to sell solar power to EVN 

The procedures required when buying and selling solar power are as follows: 



Processing Time 


Find out and register your need to install a solar power project.3 days before the expected project completion time.

Electrical company 

Survey and connection agreement with the investor:

+ The project ensures the following conditions: Follow the next steps in the correct order in the regulations.

+ Project does not meet the conditions: Agree with the investor to come up with a suitable plan for the project.  

1 working day


Implement project investment


Submit a request to sell electricity from a solar power project. 

Electrical company

Check project specifications: + If you meet the requirements: Go to the next step.

+ In case of unsatisfactory performance: Notify the investor to correct until the project meets the technical requirements according to regulations. 

1 working day

Electrical company

Install a 2-way electricity meter and sign a solar power purchase contract with the investor.

2 working days

Latest solar power purchase contract form 2023

The solar power purchase contract is signed between the investor and the unit authorized by EVN. Contract content usually includes the following information: 

– National name, motto and contract name.

– Based on terms and regulations.

– Information of representatives of both parties (Electricity seller and electricity buyer).

– The terms and conditions stipulate the obligations, responsibilities and rights of both parties.

– Representatives of both parties sign, clearly state their full names and stamp.

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Download solar power purchase contract form: Here

Payment form for solar power

Buying electricity from EVN has become familiar to every citizen, but not everyone knows about selling electricity to this unit. Electricity sales fees are determined by EVN for each year and calculated in VND units. Payment method is via bank transfer and transaction fees are paid by the investor. 

  • The investor is the business that issues the invoice : Every month the invoice issued by the investor will be sent to the electricity company. The electricity company will check and pay the electricity bill according to the above invoice. 
  • The investor is a household or individual who does not issue invoices : Every month, the electricity company’s sales department is responsible for preparing electricity payment invoices on the CMIS system and submitting them to unit leaders for approval. Finally, the invoice will be sent to the finance department to pay the investor for electricity, the payment does not include VAT. 

Solar electricity payment process

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Solar power purchase and sale contract

Solar power installation models 

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As mentioned above, not all systems can sign a solar power purchase contract with the power company. You should choose the solar power installation model first if you plan to sell solar power to EVN . Currently, there are three most popular installation models: grid-connected solar power and independent solar power. 

  • On Grid solar power system is a system connected to the national grid. After using up all the solar power, the new equipment will use state electricity. The system does not have storage batteries, so investment and maintenance costs are low. Suitable for areas with stable grid infrastructure (cities, rural areas), suitable for both families and business households and businesses.
  • An independent solar power system (Offgrid) is a system that is not connected to the national grid but operates separately. Using storage batteries will result in higher investment costs. Suitable for remote areas, where there is no stable power grid or houses on boats or cars.
  • Grid-connected solar power system with storage (Hybrid) is a combination of two grid-connected and independent installation models. The fully automatic superior features of the system can overcome the disadvantages of the above two systems. Even if there is a power outage, you can still use electricity thanks to the stored electricity. Installing grid-connected solar power for storage helps reduce monthly electricity costs and ensures a business model from clean power sources. 

Considering the above 3 models, investors should choose to install grid-connected solar power systems with storage to enjoy many practical benefits and easily sell electricity to EVN. 

Which solar power installation unit should I choose?

After understanding the process of signing a solar power purchase contract with EVN, you need to consider finding a qualified system installation unit. Reputable units and brands in the market will provide quality systems and quick installation. Comes with incentives for installation and good warranty and maintenance. This is a commitment to quality that helps customers feel secure when investing in high-capital solar power systems.

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Investors can evaluate based on the projects that the unit has implemented. The more projects a unit has, the more prestigious it proves and has been trusted by many customers. For example, VREnergy – A professional solar power system installation company

  • VREnergy has a systematic working process : Immediately after receiving the customer’s request, VREnergy will advise in detail on technical factors, quantity, type of equipment to use, best installation direction… VREnergy designs 3D drawings to help customers visualize the system after installation. Next, VREnergy will sign a contract with the customer, transport materials to the site and install properly.
  • Attractive warranty and maintenance regime : With the motto “Optimal solutions – Operation with peace of mind”, VREnergy is always proud of its after-sales, warranty and maintenance policies that make customers satisfied. 
  • Maximum customer support : VREnergy regularly implements discount and promotional programs. 
  • Experience in implementing many solar power projects : Typically Vietswan Manufacturing Factory (Binh Phuoc), LDC Processing (Binh Duong), Zylux Factory (Nghe An), Tan Phu Cuong (District 12, Ho Chi Minh City), Dau Tieng Lake 1 (Tay Ninh).

Above, we have provided detailed information about the process of signing a solar power purchase contract with EVN. If you are an investor and need to learn details about the benefits, payback period, and profit margin when installing solar power, please immediately contact Hotline 0923797986, VREnergy’s team of experts will send you The most specific solutions and detailed plans!