9 Things to Note When Operating a Solar Power Plant

9 Things to Note When Operating a Solar Power Plant 1

After more than 5 years of operation in the renewable energy industry, VREnergy has found that over 80% of economic efficiency is based on O&M operations. So, how do we understand and pay attention when operating a solar power plant ?

This article will explore the “quite important” details in the O&M operation and maintenance process so that solar power plants can truly optimize their efficiency.

Understand and determine the goals of operating a solar power plant

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The goal of operating a solar power plant is to ensure the system operates safely, stably, effectively, and meets technical and economic requirements. To achieve this goal, we – the operators – need to perform the following activities:

Check and maintain solar power systems

This is the most important activity in solar power plant operation. The goal of this activity is to promptly detect and fix system damage and defects, preventing possible incidents.

Solar power system inspection and maintenance activities include:

  • Periodic inspection: performed regularly on schedule, to detect minor damage and detect unusual signs of the system.
  • Preventive maintenance: performed according to plan, to prevent possible problems.
  • Maintenance and repair: performed when a system problem occurs, to repair the damage and return the system to normal operation.

Monitor system performance

The goal of this activity is to evaluate the system’s performance, detecting problems that may affect performance.

Activities to monitor the performance of solar power systems include:

  • Monitor power output: to evaluate overall system performance.
  • Monitor technical specifications of devices: to detect problems that may affect device performance.

Troubleshooting and error correction

When a system problem occurs, it is necessary to handle and fix it promptly to ensure the system continues to operate normally.

Troubleshooting and error recovery activities include:

  • Receive incident reports: when a system failure occurs, it is necessary to receive a timely report from the operating staff.
  • Analyze the cause of the incident: after receiving the report, it is necessary to analyze the cause of the incident to take appropriate remedial measures.
  • Troubleshooting: after determining the cause, it is necessary to promptly fix the problem.

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So, the goal of operating a solar power plant is determined based on the following factors:

  • System technical requirements
  • Economic requirements of investors
  • Power grid requirements
  • work content
  • Implementation schedule
  • Human resources for implementation
  • Financial strength

Determining the operating goals of a solar power plant and developing an operating plan is very important, helping to ensure a safe, stable, efficient operating system that meets technical and economic requirements. .

Safety: Pay attention when operating a solar power plant

Safety when operating a solar power plant is an extremely important issue that needs attention from design, construction to operation. To ensure safety when operating a solar power plant, the following issues should be paid attention to:

Comply with labor safety regulations

Labor safety regulations for solar power plants are stipulated in relevant legal documents, including:

  • Law on occupational safety and hygiene
  • National technical regulations on labor safety for solar power systems
  • Regulations of solar power plant investors

These regulations must be strictly followed to ensure the safety of workers and factory systems.

Use protective equipment properly

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Labor protection equipment is equipment designed to protect workers from dangers during work. When operating a solar power plant, it is necessary to use protective equipment properly, including:

  • Protective clothing: including caps, hats, gloves, shirts, pants, boots,…
  • Eye protection equipment: including goggles, welding mask, etc.
  • Respiratory protective equipment: including gas masks,…

Take measures to prevent fire and explosion

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Fire and explosion are one of the biggest potential risks when operating a solar power plant. To prevent fire and explosion, the following measures should be taken:

  • Check and maintain the electrical system regularly, detect and promptly fix damages and defects.
  • Use electrical and electronic equipment properly and avoid overloading.
  • Comply with fire prevention regulations.

Therefore, labor safety training helps workers understand the regulations, knowledge, and skills necessary to ensure safety when operating solar power plants.

Complying with safety measures when operating a solar power plant will help protect the lives and health of workers and plant property.

Manage and monitor solar power plant performance

Managing and monitoring the performance of a solar power plant is an important activity to ensure the plant operates stably, efficiently and maximizes profits for investors. This activity includes the following steps:

Measure and record operating parameters

Operational parameters that need to be measured and recorded include:

  • Generating capacity of solar panels
  • Output voltage and current of solar panels
  • Output voltage and current of the inverters
  • Temperature of solar panels
  • Temperature of the inverters
  • Operational status of devices in the system

These parameters can be measured with specialized measuring devices, installed at appropriate locations in the system. Measurement data is recorded and stored in the monitoring system.

Analyze and evaluate the performance of solar power plants

Measurement data is analyzed and evaluated to determine plant performance. The plant’s operating efficiency is calculated based on the following parameters:

  • Photovoltaic efficiency of solar panels
  • Power conversion efficiency of inverters
  • Overall system performance

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The plant’s performance is evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • System uptime ratio
  • The system’s power output
  • System stability level

Introduce measures to improve performance

Based on the results of analysis and evaluation, measures to improve plant performance can be put in place. These measures may include:

  • Clean solar panels to remove dirt and increase light absorption
  • Adjust the tilt angle of the solar panels to optimize the amount of light exposure
  • Replace inefficient solar panels or inverters
  • Install monitoring and warning systems to detect problems early

Managing and monitoring solar power plant performance is an activity that needs to be performed regularly and continuously. Implementing this activity well will help investors optimize the factory’s operating efficiency, thereby increasing profits.

With the development of technology, solar power plant monitoring systems are becoming increasingly modern and intelligent. These systems not only help measure and record plant operating parameters but also have the ability to analyze data, detect problems and provide early warnings. The use of modern monitoring systems will help investors improve the efficiency of management and monitoring of solar power plants.

What should you pay attention to when operating a solar power plant?

Finally, the solar power plant operating process is a system of steps implemented according to a specific standard, sequentially or simultaneously, to ensure effectiveness in achieving management campaign goals. and optimize renewable energy performance.

Implementing standard operating procedures helps the solar power plant maintain stable operation, optimize power output, and at the same time attract a lot of attention from customers. This could lead to increased revenue and positive positioning in the renewable energy market.

Besides, using standard processes helps manage the quality and progress of each implementation phase. Understanding the order and standard of work that needs to be performed helps ensure that every part of the plant operates efficiently and achieves the desired results.

Hopefully through this article, you have had an overview of the solar power plant operation process and clearly understand what to keep in mind when implementing it. Stay tuned for more useful information on our website about renewable energy and performance management.